Kubota GL7000

Large capacity oil pan provides oil change intervals up to 200 hours
Dual-element air filter design for heavy-duty jobs in dusty conditions
Keyed Electric Start (Battery Included)
Starter safety relay prevent starter from engaging after start-up
Compact Design & Easy Maintenance
By direct coupling the engine crankshaft w/ cooling fan
Simple maintenance of oil, fuel, battery & cooling water on One side
Large Capacity 7.4 Gallon Diesel Fuel Tank
Provides up to 10 hours @ 100% load on a single fill-up
Monitor Gauges & Automatic Safety Shutdowns
Easily see when there's water temperature & oil pressure issues
Double Circuit Breaker Protection (Generator & Receptacle)
Shuts the engine down to prevent overcurrent damage
Less Noise During Operation (66 dB(A) @ 23')
Slower-speed fan, built-in muffler & reduced air intake sound
Plus Forklift pockets, One-Point Lifting Eye & ATS Terminal
1-Year Limited Warranty

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